What is Pinsa Romana?

This Is how We Make Pinsa Romana, the Traditional Roman Pizza

The modern Pinsa Romana is the evolution of an ancient Roman recipe. With the new research and development around professional Flours we’re now able to obtain a unique product, very light and low in calories with an incredible texture and taste.

Pinsa Ingredients:
√Rice flour
√EVO Oil
√Soy Flour
√Soft wheat “0” Flour
√Dried Wheat Sourdough

The flavour of pinsa is not in the toppings but in the bread: the rice in the dough it’s revolutionary because of its ability of absorbing water and its high digestibility.
Pinsa innovation perfectly matches the increasing demand of high quality healty food and Italian artisanal product.

The final product must be crunchy outside and soft inside, feature that are not easy to obtain, using standard pizza procedure technique.
Also a professional oven is essential for an excellent result. Pinsarella’ technology partner for ovens and professional equipment is Italforni USA, that guarantes the highest cooking quality for both commercial and industrial production of Roman pinsa crusts.
Pinsarella was one of the first food producer to make pinsa in the United States. The brand bame cames from the union of two words: Pinsa & Mozzarella.
Pinsarella mission is to bring in the USA the Italian tradition of pizzaiolos and cheesmakers.

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  1. I think pinsa it’s v different from pizza, I like it, it’s tasty and you don’t feel bloated after you eat it.

  2. I love pinsa romana, it’s lighter and tastes s good, I can’t eat any other kind of pizza now…

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