Pinsa With Mortadella Recipe

Sure thing! Here’s the recipe with a more informal tone, like I’m chatting with you about cooking:

Hey there, ready to dive into a culinary adventure? Awesome, because I’ve got something special for you – my take on the classic Margherita pizza, but with a twist! We’re talking about Pinsarella’s Margherita Pinsa – trust me, it’s next-level deliciousness.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Pinsarella pizza crust
– Tomato sauce
– Extra virgin olive oil
– Diced mozzarella
– Thin slices of mortadella (for later)

Let’s get started with crafting the perfect base:

Step 1: Lay out your Pinsarella base, flat side down. Spread some tomato sauce evenly – don’t be stingy now! Drizzle a bit of that extra virgin olive oil to add some richness. Sprinkle on the diced mozzarella for that gooey goodness. Oh, and leave the crust’s edge as is – it’s all about that authentic touch!

Now, onto preheating the oven:

Step 2: Crank up your oven to 500°F or fire up your toaster oven. We’re going for an artisanal vibe here, so let’s keep it real and skip the microwave, okay?

Time for the baking magic:

Step 3: Pop your Pinsarella directly onto the oven rack. Bake it up for about 5-7 minutes if it’s coming from the fridge, or 7-9 minutes if it’s straight outta the freezer. Want that extra cheese melt action? Go ahead and add another minute. Look for that golden brown crust – that’s when you know it’s perfection!

Now, let’s add a little twist:

Step 4: After baking, toss on those thin slices of mortadella. Trust me, it takes this Pinsa to a whole new level. The heat from the pizza will gently warm up the mortadella, making it even more flavorful and blending perfectly with the other ingredients.

Finally, time to dig in:

Let your Margherita Pinsa cool off for just a sec. Then, slice it up and savor every bite. Close your eyes and taste the flavors of Rome – it’s like a culinary journey right in your kitchen! Hats off to Pinsarella for keeping it real with their authentic ingredients. Enjoy!