Pinsarella – Pinsa & Mozzarella Concept

Freshly Hand Made Locally.

WE brought to USA the Italian tradition, pizzaman and cheesemakers.

Our products are always fresh and of quality are served quickly, contemporary, fresh.

The flovor of Pinsa is not in the toppings but in the bread! The rice in the dough is revolutionary, because noone has even discovered qualities …..water absorbing and high digestibility  …. making  bread. Pinsa is …innovation the market as it perfectly matches the current and the future in growing demand for quality artisan food. The final product must be crunchy outside and soft inside, features that are not easy to obtain by using standard production technique. The modern customer are well informed and much harder to please then in the past and will recognize and distinguish the unforgettable flavor of the Pinsa.

This particular difference entails a greater fragrance and furthermore, precisely because we use less flour in the dough, we considerably reduce the quantity of carbohydrates, calories and fats present in the final product, making it low in calories.

Engage in the unique texture of the dough, the
light crisp of the crust… Taste the difference!



The mozzarella is instead, as everyone knows, a soft spun pasta table cheese derived exclusively from whole milk from Campania.

We at Pinsarella produce mozzarella – using local Cheese curd and also curd that our cheese factory supplies to us. we carry out the phases of spinning, forming and salting directly on the spot thus obtaining products with characteristics completely identical to those of the products that can be found in Italy but above all fresh every day.

From all this comes PINSARELLA Pinsa & Mozzarella. Our products are always fresh and of quality are served quickly, contemporary, fresh .