Pinsa Romana Mini 9×6

Oval Pre-Baked Pinsa Romana Mini, ready for toppings (Size 9” x 6″ / 5 Oz.)
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Product Info

Part Number Item g/Oz GTIN
POL96-48 9×6 145/5,11 00608539484164

Box Information

Box Size Bags x Box Crusts x Bag Crust x Box Weight Net/Gross Oz Weight Lb/Kg
20″ L x 12″ W x 6 “H 8 6 48 246/272 16,38/7,43

Pallet Information

Pallet Size N of Lines Boxes x Lines Boxes x Pallet Crusts x Pallet Pallet Weight Lb
40″ L x 48″ W x 64″ H 10 7  70 3360 1171


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Dough: Wheat, Rice, Soy, Olive Oil, Salt, Yeast
Water: Up to 80% of Total Flours
Protein: 9,9g / 100g
Total Carbohydrate: 46,7g / 100g
Fat: 2g / 100g
Saturated Fat: 0,06g / 100g
Cholesterol: 0,08mg / 100g
Sugar: 0,5g / 100g
Energy: 247 Kcal / 100g

Baking Instruction

Warm up your oven to 475 F. Oven can be electrical, Gas or wood. Do not put Pinsarella on a steel pan. Put it directly on top of the oven grid (heat will reach the crust from top and bottom). Make sure to put the side showing the bubbles facing up (this is the side where to apply the toppings). Put the toppings of your like and bake for 5 to 7 minutes depending on the type and amount of toppings. You can put Pinsarella in the oven even if it is still frozen, just allow extra baking time.

Storage Instructions

Keep frozen and take the N of crust you need. If you need less that a bag (6 crust x bag) make sure to properly close the bag or replace it with a new one to avoid that the crust dry up in the freezer. You can wait until fully thaw (3-5 minutes) or you can put it in the oven directly, just allow more baking time. If you thaw more crust that needed, no worries; put the remaining crust in a bag and put them in the refrigerator. They will preserve for up to 10 days. Discard after that or if you see signs of decay. Do not freeze again after thaw.

Company Information

Manufacturer: Name Pinsarella Food LLC GLN: 1200109769108 GPC: 10001985 DUNS:066597085 Country of Origin: Manufactured in the USA Address: 760 Sycamore Ave, Suite D, Vista, CA, 92083

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