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Private, and Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, Kids and Adults. Pinsa Gourmet & Cheese Mozzarella Taste and Tasting, winery, brewery & Restaurant or to your home

We’ll work with you to bring your type of event and experience you would like to share. We’ll figure out a date that works for you and create a menu together, or you can pick from anyone of our menus.

Starting From $ 15.00 per Person

You just need select the italian dish you like (lasagna, parmigiana, caprese etc.) the pizza flavours a from our menu, We deliver set up & breakdown your buffet table.

Unlimited Ancient Roman Pizza & Mozzarella.
We will do everything from party planning, grocery shopping, staffing, prep and cooking for (or) with your guests. The best part is we do all the cleanup and dishes.

We will arrive before the start of your event to setup and get ready. Our Roman pizza and mozzarella are made on site. We use our own special dough and cook them in our mobile pizza oven. We require enough space to place the oven 10ft x 10ft, the oven can be setup anywhere you can park a car. Paper products are included in all packages.

Whether you’re hosting a small family gathering or are planning a large corporate function, we can create a specially designed menu for any type of event. Don’t let that growing “to do” list overwhelm you – cross off food and refreshments with one call to us. To learn more about our current offerings and special arrangements, please call  or contact us

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Organize your Party with Pinsarella

Contact us now to organize your event with Pinsarella and amaze everyone with Roman Pizza and Mozzarella! Pinsaiolos and Cheesemakers at Your Service for the Ultimate Italian Party! Also available with eat as much as you like formula. Contact us to receive all the information on the organization for a catering service with Pinsarella. We are available for private parties, birthdays, christenings, public events, street food festivals and events.

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Events and Catering in Sand Diego; OC, LA Counties
We can organize your perfect Event, Contact Us Now for More Information.
Work with us!
If you are interested in collaborations, opportunities, catering, private dinners, events, sales points with Pinsarella contact us at [email protected]