Pinsa Romana US

 PIZZA MAKES ANYTHING POSSIBLE. Henry Rollins. Pinsa, the New Posh Italian Pizza is the new thing in US food world, And everyday many italian restaurants and pizza delivery business in United States are starting to offer the new special made pinsa crust to enthusiastic customers. But What is Pinsa? A middle ground between focaccia and […]

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Pinsarella tradizional Romano pizza in San Diego

Pinsarella Ancient Roman Pizza, from Rome’s Trevi Fountain to San Diego

Pinsarella is starting his Us operation from San Diego HQ. Pinsarella a famous and leading concept partner of Pinsitally with his Roman famous location in Rome’s Fountrain Trevi and other 5 pizza shops around Rome area. The Business philosophy of Pinsarella ” Freshly Hand Made Locally “ We of Pinsarella think that great food should […]

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