Pinsarella tradizional Romano pizza in San Diego

Pinsarella Ancient Roman Pizza, from Rome’s Trevi Fountain to San Diego

Pinsarella is starting his Us operation from San Diego HQ.

Pinsarella a famous and leading concept partner of Pinsitally with his Roman famous location in Rome’s Fountrain Trevi and other 5 pizza shops around Rome area.

The Business philosophy of Pinsarella ” Freshly Hand Made Locally “

We of Pinsarella think that great food should be made always fresh with the use of the best local products.

For this reason we decided import expertise and Italian tradition not food. 

for this reason we can really say that our Pinsa, ancient roman pizza, & Mozzarella are really fresh and high quality products.

Our Pinsa & Mozzarella concept store si coming soon in San Diego, stai in touch and come to visit us to try our special roman pizza and our traditional and genuine italian recipes.

Here at Pinsarella we’re serious about Pinsa and Mozzarella, our mission si to ricreate locally the italian food tradition with a twist of innovation.

Our Pinsa dough si the result of years of research and development aimed to create the light and cruncy flatbread base with a special mix of flours.

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

We tried very hard to achieve e this result and non we’re really proud of our special Pinsa, the innovative version of ancient roman pizza.

Come to visit us, or contact us to find out more about Pinsarella and our special Pinsa and mozzarella made everyday fresh locally for you.

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  1. Love to try your pizza! Please email me with your new location in San Diego, thanks!

  2. Please let me know what flours are used, thanks

  3. I’ve tried tour pinsa it’s amazings. Will buy more!

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